Landing Pages & Microsites

Landing Pages & Microsites : MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS

A landing page is a single page designed to convert traffic from a specific marketing campaign – for paid ads, social media or even email.

A landing page is a marketer’s best tool. It is fairly easy to set up, test and optimize in order to convince a particular audience to take a specific action.

*Buy a product
* Fill out a form
* Generate a Lead
* Subscribe to a newsletter
* Register for an event
* Watch a webinar

You can use a landing page to :
* Personalize content based on users’ keywords, location or other predefined criteria
* Customize the look and feel to attract a specific audience without disrupting your website

“Prism did an excellent job with our project. It was a pretty complex job and they always responded quickly to all feedback and worked dilligently to get it working exactly as we wanted it.”
Tim Gross

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