Prism Software

The Team

Meet the Prism Team!

Prism has one of the best technical teams in customised software development.

Here are a few key members of our team.

Pradeep Kothari
Pradeep Kothari at Hongkong in Prism Pavilion in Macworld, Asia Developer showcase, with Prism solutions for the Mac.
  • Pradeep Kothari
    Pradeep Kothari
  • Somesh Vaidya
    Somesh Vaidya
  • Amol Kyawal
    Amol Kyawal
  • Shailesh Ghodpage
    Shailesh Ghodpage
  • Krunal Karia
    Krunal Karia
  • Ameet Dhapulkar
    Ameet Dhapulkar
  • Dipali Warudkar
    Dipali Warudkar
  • Sarika
  • Rashmi Bobde
    Rashmi Bobde
  • Renuka
  • Pranjal Bawase
    Pranjal Bawase
  • Pranjali Bobde
    Pranjali Bobde
  • Rutuja Warhade
    Rutuja Warhade
  • Nishant Kashyap
    Nishant Kashyap
  • Sameer Jain
    Sameer Jain
  • Sumeet Khade
    Sumeet Khade
  • Vanadana Goplani
    Vanadana Goplani
  • Megha Pande
    Megha Pande