Web design refers to the efforts undertaken by either one or a group of people in order to make the online extension of one’s company and made available on the World Wide Web so that it is easily accessible by anyone from anywhere in the world. The two words ‘Web Design‘ together reveal a meaning which superficially seems very simple. However, designing a web site takes a lot of sweat and toil, so that the end result is as desired by the company.

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A lot of care has to taken to see to it that the identity of the company is clearly reflected in the web site design too, because the website is an online extension of the existing company, so that the reach of the company is widened. If the corporate identity and the core values of the company are not reflected through the web site design, then the entire meaning behind creating the site is lost! In order to make sure that the web design does not prove to be a disaster due to negligence by the company that has its core competencies concentrated in an area different from this, companies outsource web designing assignments to specialist companies in India.

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